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We recognise the critical role practice managers play in primary care and that’s why we developed hyre – to make practice managers’ lives easier.
We automate and streamline all of day to day admin tasks from building rotas to managing leave and mandatory training, so that you can focus on doing what you do best, running your practice and serving your patients.

Hyre app was built for Medical Practices

Better way to schedule

Digital rotas for complete

staff overview

Say goodbye to paper rotas and spreadsheets.  With hyre you can create and manage digital rotas for all your staff, including front desk, back-office and on-call. 

The rota is automatically updated with staff leave, unavailability and mandatory training, ensuring you get the entire picture of staff availability and development without logging in to various system.

help your employees grow

Arrange staff training &

development plans

Save time by not having to trawl through e-mails and spreadsheets to see which of your staff members have received mandatory training.  You can also set dates so hyre reminds everyone when they should complete their training. 

Not only does this ensure compliance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), but also makes staff feel that they are growing into the practice in terms of a performance development plan.

Staff management made easy

Create staff profiles

Create staff profiles, including records of clinical specialities including General Practitioners with an Extended Role (GPwER), unavailability and mandatory checks.  This means you can always share up-to-date information on practice staff with partner organisations when proposing for or delivering a new service.

Increase your productivity

Manage leave and absence

Request, approve and track leave and absence requests for all your staff.  You can also limit when and how many staff can take leave.  This helps you make sure the practice isn’t short-staffed during busy practice periods, that you can always meet the needs of patients each day and decreases the chance of stress due to increased workload for yourself and practice employees.

Gain new connections

Create shared staff banks

Connect with other practices, PCNs and even third sector organisations to share your permanent and temporary workforce and rotas, helping you to deliver your services more efficiently and at scale. 

Creating a platform for enhanced communication region wide, hyre makes it possible to address specific gaps in patient care demand to deliver a holistic primary care service.

Why Hyre?
Workforce Training
The right workforce, delivering the right service in the right location. You can also securely access all documentation online.
Admin Automation

Design and test new services and employment models to transform service delivery and improve healthcare outcomes.

Rota Management

Create and manage digital rotas for all your staff, services and locations. You can also securely access all documentation online.

Easy Communication

Respond to patient needs by identifying the right staff instantly and manage ongoing staff development to meet demand.

Workforce Training
The right workforce, delivering the right service in the right location. You can also securely access all documentation online.

Our Quality Standards

What our partners think

Hyre is a great piece of innovation that addresses a complex and hugely expensive issue in the health service. Their reliability and flexibility is good for the doctors, the NHS and the patient.
— Ben Paglia

CEO, Akea Life

In the last few months Hyre has saved us over £5,000 in agency fees. It has also saved me lots of time and effort and been invaluable filling sessions across our group.
— Julie Lambe

Oaklands Health Centre

I’m using Hyre for my accounting as well as for finding jobs. I’ve used web based accounts software before but to have everything on an app has made the whole process simpler and easier.

— Dr Ward

Nook and Clifton Practices

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