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primary care at scale

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Integrated care

To deliver services at scale, practices and primary care networks need to be able to share their workforce and work collaboratively. We’ve built hyre to support primary care at scale.

Each practice can connect with other practices to form primary care networks, which in turn can connect with other primary networks. Once connected, practices and primary care networks can share their permanent and temporary workforce and create shared rotas to deliver services at scale and win new provider contracts.

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Gain by connecting with others

Connect, collaborate and integrate

With Hyre you can join up all of primary care at neighbourhood, place and system level. For the first time, primary care organisations can connect with each other, share their workforce and integrate with secondary care to deliver new service models at scale, improving efficiency and quality.
Rota management

Create flexible staff pools and rotas

Hyre is the only platform that has been developed for primary care at scale. It enables you to create flexible staff banks of locums and permanent staff and digital rotas that can be shared at all levels of the system, from practices to neighbourhoods and places.

For primary care networks, this increases capacity whilst also providing opportunities for your permanent staff to gain new skills and experience, which increases staff engagement, motivation and retention.

Staff Management

Understand your workforce

Because Hyre works at practice level, primary care networks and integrated care systems can understand the size and composition of their workforce at a granular level. For the first time you will be able to see in real-time how many staff you have across a geography, where the skills gaps are and where you need to recruit to ensure you can continue to provide high quality care.

patient-centric services

Connect with other organisations

Delivering services at scale means collaborating with third sector organisations, including voluntary organisations, to deliver seamless, efficient and patient-centric services. Hyre enables practices and primary care networks to connect with and create shared rotas with third sector organisations.

In the last few months Hyre has saved us over £5,000 in agency fees. It has also saved me lots of time and effort and been invaluable filling sessions across our group.
— Julie Lambe

Oaklands Health Centre

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About us

hyre is an integrated workforce platform that helps the NHS Primary Care build and manage a flexible, skilled and diverse workforce through collaboration and partnership.


Practices working more collaboratively are more resilient, improve work-life balance for staff by deploying a wider team and are more effective at meeting the needs of their patients.  Find out about how we are helping practices and PCNs join their workforce.


Learn how practices are collaborating and the benefits they are seeing.  Our webinars series will help you to transform primary care.

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