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Hyre is an integrated workforce platform that helps the NHS Primary Care build and manage a flexible, skilled and diverse workforce through collaboration and partnership.

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At Hyre we believe that getting things done sometimes means shaking things up a bit. We understand that the NHS is under real pressure and there’s never been a more important time to fight for our precious health service. So to make life easier for the organisations and professionals who help keep Britain alive, we’re launching the next generation of locum booking software.

Hyre has been specially created to save the NHS time and money. We’ve combined our extensive technological know-how with years of experience as locums ourselves. That means there’s nobody who understands more about what healthcare organisations and professionals need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. We know that you do your job because people matter to you (not spreadsheets). When you’re busy responding to local demands and keeping an eye on patient outcomes, the last thing you need is to be getting dragged down by paperwork.

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Like you, we’re passionate about the NHS. Let’s work together to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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